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Meet the Editors

Spring 2023

Rachel Hoermann
Managing Editor

Rachel Hoermann is a sophomore at UC Clermont, majoring in English. Rachel is managing editor for the East Fork Journal of the Arts and UC Clermont’s PTK – Honor Society president. Rachel lives with her husband, two daughters, and their menagerie of animals they have adopted from their volunteer work at The League for Animal Welfare. Rachel plans to continue her education at UC Uptown, working towards her Ph.D. 

What Rachel is currently reading: A Court of Thorn and Roses Series By: Sarah J. Maas, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood 

Shannon W.heic

Shannon Wells

I am working on completing my English degree by the end of the summer semester of 2023. Also, I will transfer to the UC Main campus for the Fall semester of 2023, to begin working on my Baccalaureate degree in journalism. I am working at the East Fork Journal because it is related to my major, and I enjoy having the opportunity to work in the arts. Furthermore, I love taking part in the issue release parties for our latest issues. I am currently reading the poetry collection titled "Honey and Milk v.2" by Khalid Elhawary, and I view it as inspiring.

Malia .HEIC

Malia Nerl

I'm Malia, and I'm an editor for the East Fork Journal. I like to read and write, as well as draw both digitally and traditionally! I'm a psychology major and I'd like to be an art therapist someday. My favorite genre to read is just about any kind of fiction! Right now, I'm reading House of Hades by Rick Riordan.

Elisabeth Jackson.HEIC

Elisabeth Jackson

My name is Elisabeth Jackson and I'm a second-year Liberal Arts major. I've spent most of my life with a love for writing in all its forms, and I've been so excited to see so much of it with the East Fork Journal. Other than writing I spend much of my time with my grumpy hedgehog Bratwurst and playing video games with friends

Issue 24 - Dr. Alcantar.heic

Dr. Stephanie Alcantar
Faculty Advisor 

Fall 22 - Spring 23

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