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World River

the river bubbles and blunders 
crashing like clumsy lovers clutching 
world river wider than eternity 
fathoms below 
moss strains to anchor on the rocks 
the rotting weeds smell acrid 
twisting twining thrusting 
into you 
the blue flash is seizure inducing 
giving vision to the synapses firing in your brain 
shaking slithering tearing through 
i run away 
the witch behind the door 
a comfortable nightmare 
i sip the smoke pouring out 
the taste lingers on my tongue 
and in my hair 
long after sand has blasted away the stormy stones 
i ask the questions they dread 
the universe quakes with fear 
my mighty force can topple 
ivory moons and starry nurseries 
my breath will bust up the Milky Way 
caged dragons whistle the good news 
they swish raw their pink tails 
whipping up a hurricane 
which rips apart fusion 

Miranda Scharf  -

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