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A Waiting Game

Destruction; Mortality lost in field 

Destabilized drive at the hands of your 

leading invasions and lack of common 

ground. your feet shake at the sound’s trembling tune 

of sovereignty. Clocks tick away hearts 

battling occupation til death do 

us parts. a spilled love tainted with red foot- 

prints. Marching youth as drones in the night for 

generations to come as doom aWaits- 

forced belief. Time lost in the shadows of 

another man’s quarrel. Cups overflow 

with sight of your forgotten brothers’ might. 

drowning in oceans. Finally, you’ll see 

you have tied the last knot with destiny. 

Deja Reid - I am a current junior at Miami University of Ohio. I am majoring in English Literature as well as Creative Writing. This specific piece of writing is about war and its impact.

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