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Beacon in the Darkness 

Start here, trash can. 

Reach out, push to open. 

Plastic building, recyclable only. 


Hurtful homes, free depression. 

Lifelong deadline. 


Communication out of service. 

Get ready, this call’s for you. 



It feels so bad, the truth, there’s no hope. 

The beacon in the darkness, we can help. 


The River’s Guide 
By: Jeremy Ison 
Do we let the river flow on it’s own, or do we change it’s course? 
If we leave it be, it may become smooth and temperate. 
If we leave it be, it may become rough and jagged. 
The question is not if we intervene, it is when. 
To ignore the river is to avoid the possibilities of it’s divergent paths. 
Eventually carrying everything away while we question “if”. 

Jeremy Ison - UC Clermont Liberal Arts Sophomore I wrote this by observing a few items around me and writing them down and then putting them together, essentially. Whenever I write something, I want there to be a meaning behind it, something someone has to dig a little for. 

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