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I was born a full moon,  

No gaps,  

No room for any mishaps,  

As I grew older I began waxing and waning,  

Slowly realizing the cycle is forever changing, 

Noticing the replenishment of each part, 

But also the draining, 

And just like the moon I have felt the negative space,  

But each time the emptiness gave space for a new face,  

Each face teaching me how to embrace, 

Embrace the fact that I am just like the moon, 

Some phases of life must be vacant, 

Vacant to become full again, 

But only if you are patient.  

My name is Madalynn Baker, I am a Sophomore attending West Clermont High School. I am submitting two poems: Facade, Cycling; for consideration. Poetry is my outlet and has been for the past two years. I have a busy schedule and live in a world that is always spinning. Poetry is my escape from, endless babysitting gigs, honors courses in school, and my part time job at a pharmaceutical company. I write for others and about others, writing has become my confessional. I have burnt houses down in search of myself, and through my words learnt that I am still worth searching for. 

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