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Managing Editor Letter

Dear Readers, 


The experience of working on the Fall 2023—Spring 2024 issue of the East Fork Journal of the Arts has been both bitter and sweet. As a few of our editors and I prepare to conclude our time at The University of Cincinnati Clermont campus and begin our journey at the University of Cincinnati's Uptown campus in Fall 2024, we are filled with mixed emotions. While our professors have equipped us with the necessary tools to move forward, leaving UC-Clermont feels like saying goodbye to a cherished family. 

Our upcoming journey has inspired the theme of our latest issue, which we've titled: 

Ways and Wanderings 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the talented artists and writers who have contributed to this issue. We would also like to thank Professor Phoebe Reeves and Dr. Stephanie Alcantar, our esteemed faculty advisors. Their invaluable guidance, vision, and time were instrumental in bringing this issue to fruition. We also thank Dean Jeffrey Bauer for his unwavering support of the journal and to Nancy Reveal for her assistance, without which this issue would not be possible. Finally, we would like to express our deep appreciation to all the professors at UC Clermont for their lifelong commitment to teaching. Your dedication makes a significant impact on your students' lives and in your community, and we are grateful for all that you do. 

A few years ago, Professor Reeves and I were discussing poetry (as we often do), and she recommended that I read Mary Oliver's work. Since then, I have become a true fan of Mary Oliver, and I would like to end this letter with the first two lines from her famous poem, "The Journey":  

"One day you finally knew / What you had to do, and began"  


I want to thank UC-Clermont for teaching its students how to begin our wanderings forward. 



Rachel Hoermann

Managing Editor 

East Fork Journal of the Arts 

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