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1. Sunset Serenade 

In the evening's gentle embrace, As the sun dips below the horizon's face, Colors of amber and gold ignite the sky, A sunset serenade, as day says goodbye. 

2. Whispering Woods 

In the forest, where the trees stand tall, Their leaves rustle, a soft, soothing call, Nature's secrets in the whispering woods, A symphony of life in these quiet hoods. 

3. Ocean's Embrace 

Beneath the azure, the vast and deep sea, Waves caress the shore, wild and free, In the ocean's embrace, I find my peace, as its rhythms and tides never cease. 

4. Starry Night 

Under the canvas of a starry night's grace, Infinite galaxies, a celestial chase, In each twinkle, a story untold, In the night sky's mysteries, we're beholden. 

5. Memories in Autumn 

Amidst the falling leaves, a crisp autumn breeze, Whispers of memories, carried with ease, Golden moments, like leaves in the wind, In the season of change, life's stories pinned. 

My name is Joseph Hankins. I am a senior at Goshen High school, and Live oaks career campus. I have passion for programming, and networking. In this piece, I write 5 poems about nature, seasons, and the night sky. 

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