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It Shall Be Taken Care Of


      “Blake, what the fuck is taking you so long?” 

      The man gritted his teeth as his right hand tightened its grip around his cell phone. 


      “I had paid you last week, you promised me that you’d have the job done by the 


start of this week!” 


      “Jesus, calm down, Chris!” Blake’s voice from the other end of the phone call cut in not long after. “Don’t you know how busy I am?” 

      “Yes, I understand that you’re a very busy man, but-” 


      “You know how many clients I have on a regular basis? On any typical week I have up to three or four customers I have to help out. You’re not the only guy I gotta-” 


      “Blake, I paid you hundreds of dollars last week for you to be able to help me out!” he furiously interrupted him. “I should be on the top of your priority list!” 


      “You know that I have my own life too, right Chris?” Blake retorted, growing ever more weary of his client’s complaints. “I can’t get to your request right away! Do you know what the fuck patience is?” 


      “I know what patience is! I’ve been waiting for you to take care of this shit since last Monday!” 


      “Calm your tits! I am working on making sure I’ll be able to get this done.” 

      “You told me that you’re a professional. There’s nothing professional about your conduct!” 

      “Professionals can be late, aren’t they? But they always make sure that the job is done.” 


      “Well, you’ve got a point there Blake…” Chris slowly began to relax, reassuring himself that his problem will soon be taken care of. 

      “I’m a man of my word. I haven’t broken a single promise since I began my practice. I swear, it shall be taken care of, Chris. There’s no need for you to worry.” 


      He took a deep breath, replying, “Ok man. Just, please…make sure that you keep me up to date on all of this, alright?” 


      “Well, I can’t promise you that! I’m a busy man, remember?” Blake chuckled, his laughs filling the air from the phone. 


      “Yeah I get it. Anyways, I’ll talk to you later man.” “Seeya.” 




      Chris was disappointed to say the least. An entire day went by with complete radio silence on Blake’s end. He was fearing yet again that he was potentially caught in some sort of scam. 


      He decided to call him. He had to figure out just what was going on. Luckily, Blake picked up right away. 


      “Hi Chris.” 


      “Hey man. Why didn’t you update me about the job yesterday?” 


      “Sorry. Something unexpectedly came up yesterday and the entire day ended up being completely shot.” 


      “You better not be making up shit to placate me.” 


      “I’m being honest, seriously!” Blake insisted, annoyed that his client had been repeatedly badgering him for several days on end. “I’m telling the honest-to-God truth man!” 


      “Any proof?” 


      “I’m afraid I can’t tell you. That’s strictly confidential information.” 


      “Well, are you almost ready to prove to me that I didn’t flush hundreds of dollars down the drain?” 


      “Yes Chris. Do not worry. I’ll prove to you that you didn’t pay me for nothing. I’m not some lowlife scam artist. You will get your money’s worth.” 

      Chris let a sigh escape from his lips, still quite frustrated with the situation but trying to not let what little patience he had left wear thin. 


      “What you’ve paid me to do, it shall be taken care of. I’m not gonna leave you high and dry.” 



      It was the afternoon; Chris was spending it by watching TV and scrolling through social media at the same time. The thought of Blake possibly swindling him still loomed in his mind but he tried his hardest to not assume the worst of him. After all, he was one of the top-rated professionals that catered to what Chris was working for, a reliable man who strives to not let down his clients in any way. 


      Just as he had stopped thinking about him, he got a notification on his phone. He had an incoming call from Blake. 


      This is either gonna be good news or bad news. 


      Chris accepted the call right away. “Hey Blake. How have you been?” 


      “I’m doing pretty great actually. I have some amazing news for you.” 


      A weight had been lifted off of Chris’s shoulders. Was he truly just being nervous about Blake’s true intentions this whole time? 


      “Holy shit, really? I don’t even know what to say, I’m just…” he trailed off, having a hard time finding the words he wanted to say. 


      “I bet you’re excited, man.” 


      “No shit! I-I-I was so afraid that, well, you might not be who you’re saying you are 




      Blake chuckled, “Dude, I’ve told you so many times already that no matter how big your problem is, it shall be taken care of! You don’t have a single thing to worry about, straight up.” 


      “Ok, that’s good. So, I’m assuming you’ll meet him tomorrow?” 


      “Yes. I will meet with your father tomorrow. It should be easy. After all, he’s an easy-going guy from what you’ve told me, correct?” 


      “Damn right he is.”







      “So you’re outside his church right now?” 


      “Yes. Your father’s service should be over in about a minute or so, right?” Chris briefly glanced at his watch. It was 10:28 am. 


      “Yeah, it typically wraps up at around 10:30.” 


      He let out a sigh of relief. “Good. So, what’s your plan?” 


      “I’m going to initiate a conversation with him. Just start with some small talk, y’know? Then I’m going to try to see if he’d want to go hang out with me somewhere.” 



      “You bet, Chris.” 


      Another sigh of relief left Chris. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done, man. I know I’ve gotten pissed at you during all of this, especially over the last few days. But you’ve truly proven to me that you’re able to keep a promise.” 


      “I’d never let a client down. I care for all of them. My clients helped me get to where I am today, after all. From the ve-” 


      The other end of the call suddenly went silent. 


      “Blake? Blake? You alright?” a now confused Chris asked. 


      “Uh, sorry man. It’s just…well, your father’s actually on his way out of the church now, so I’m gonna go finish this job.” 


      “I have one more request for you,” Chris began, the anticipation of what was about to transpire beginning to dawn on him. “Please Blake, put the fear of God into him.” 


      “You bet I will. He won’t even know what’s coming for him.” 


He briefly paused, thinking of what to say next. “This is the perfect plan. It shall be taken care of.” 

Lauren Dunevant University of Cincinnati Clermont Sophomore. I am currently a sophomore at UC Clermont, and I absolutely love writing. In my free time, I love to engage in that along with a few of my other favorite hobbies, like watching YouTube videos, playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime. I hope to have a career in the entertainment industry one day, preferably being a screenwriter for movies and tv shows, though I'm open to many other options as well.

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