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Self Portrait

Issue 24 - Visual Art -Tayler Helmbright- .png

This is my third self portrait I have ever created using graphite pencils on sketch paper. I both credit and thank Kate Gibson, whose drawing class I took while attending Blue Ash, and Cody Schriever, my drawing professor from DAAP. These two really helped me form the talent and drawing skills that I have today, and they gave me knowledge that will always impact my future work.

Wearable Sculpture

Issue 24 - Helmbright_WearableSculpture.png

A wearable sculpture was my final for my Fashion Foundations 3D class taught by Kate Gibson. I have a very large collection of scrunchies, as you can see, so I used every single one (150+) that I have to create this quirky and bright wearable chest and head piece. I also included glow sticks so that this could be wearable day and night. It was fun to be able to let loose on this project and let a little piece of my personality show!

My name is Tayler Helmbright. I am currently a second year at University of Cincinnati. I completed my first year at UC Blue Ash College before transitioning to University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning in their Fashion Design program. 

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