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Managing Editor Letter

Dear Readers, 

The Fall 2022-Spring 2023 combined issue celebrating The University of Cincinnati Clermont’s 50th anniversary has been a true labor of love.  

Inspired by UC Clermont’s 50th-anniversary slogan of “Then, Now, Next,” we have proudly put together an issue that celebrates past works from UC Clermont Alumni, Current works from UC Clermont Students and Alumni (as well as other current students from local universities,) and local high school students in our yearly high school writing competition.  

The editors and I have received so many fantastic art, prose, and multimedia pieces that deciding what would make it in the issue was challenging. What we have selected to publish in our 24th issue reflects the students and alumni, voices of different generations celebrating self and their imaginations. 

As with any issue, we have many people to thank, and at the top of that list is Dr. Stephanie Alcantar, our faculty advisor. Stepping into the role in the fall of 2022, Dr. Alcantar has been a constant source of inspiration, optimism, and creativity. At the beginning of 2023, Dr. Alcantar shared her hope to update the East Fork Journal’s website, and it was her hard work and dedication to the journal that made the update possible. 

I would also like to thank this semester’s editors: Elisabeth Jackson, Malia Nerl, and Shannon Wells, who worked alongside Dr. Stephanie Alcantar and myself to create this issue. Balancing home, work, school, and an internship at the journal is challenging, but my fellow editors were always willing to dig into the task and get the job done. 

 Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Sharon Burns, Nancy Reveal, and Dean Jeff Bauer for their continued help and support. 

Lastly, we dedicate this issue to the East Fork Journal editors who came before us. Those who paved the way for the East Fork Journal of the Arts to be what it is today. Your hard work and dedication have been remembered, and we are grateful for all the effort you put into making the journal successful. 



Rachel Hoermann, 

Managing Editor, 

East Fork Journal of the Arts 

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